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SEO and Writing

Many business owners wonder what to invest in - - SEO or paid search? SEO is a cornerstone of any marketing plan and worth taking at look at first. It's an investment in your future. SEO is confusing for many people. You need to have your website reviewed to ensure it's set up properly then you need to write good content and engage with your audience. Do others find enough value in your content to link back to your site?

Video Production

Video is king in marketing. It can grab your attention in 3 seconds and hook you till the end. A simple home page video increases conversion rates by 80%. Your brand is a story. Video lets you tell the story, sell the dream, drive sales, gain followers, overcome objections and boost credibility. With decades of Tinsel Town experience, my partner weaves cinematic magic from 15 second to 3-minute video ads.

Social Media

Many business owners struggle with whether to wade through social media campaigns alone or hire a professional. If you are going it alone, content is king. Start the process with a social content brainstorming session with me. Having an annual calendar is great. The first three months need to be more detailed. Don't neglect interacting with your audience. Hire a professional to manage your social accounts when budget allows.

Web Development

It's challenging to know which web designers and developers to hire. It all starts with your compelling offer. Let's turn your static site into a converting site by having the right content on your landing page. Does your headline address the problem that your client is trying to solve? Does the tagline provide a solution? Is your offer compelling? Are you set up as the authority? Let's re-write your web copy. I partner with the best web designers and developers and together we can get your new site up fast.

Influencer Partnerships

Influencers are magic for certain industries and worth looking into for most products and services. Who you connect with and your offer is important. Analyze their reach. These relationships need to be carefully sought and then thoughtfully nourished.

Paid Search

Business owners need to be very careful when considering paid digital marketing campaigns. It's a broad phrase, for our purposes here let's limit Digital Marketing to paid Facebook, Instagram and other social media and paid search. If this is part of your marketing budget, let's spend some time analyzing your ROI.

Direct Mail

Don't neglect consideration of this tried-and-true method. Every campaign can benefit from a quick review of audience (personas, ideal client profiles) and the potential ways to reach them. Often overlooked in modern campaigns, direct marketing can have excellent ROI when done correctly. Think direct mail campaign (postcard) to a list or EDDM (Every Day Direct Mail).

Communications Strategy

Every business, no matter the size, needs a marketing plan. This does not need to be 30 pages and full of careful details. It can be one page. The secret sauce is the step-by-step recipe full of tactical marketing that results from getting the right minds together on strategy.


Are you creating a brand? Do you need a brand refresh? Is it time for a brand review? It's good to revisit, tighten up and ensure your team is on the same page by clarifying your compelling offer and mission, vision, and values. Why do people choose YOUR product or service? Is your team enacting your brand?

Select the Creative Consulting / Service
Package that Fits Your Needs

Quick dash together to get something back on-track, fix a problem and get you to the finish line.


When you need a marketing, content, or programming specialist to step in real quick and re-direct a work-flow, suggest a better tool, enhance graphics or message or recommend a marketing trajectory.

I will work closely with you to determine the communication problem. I will analyze and fix what is broken to improve the quality of your assets (your content) and suggest distribution channels.


New brands, small businesses and entrepreneurs.


I will polish up your business assets and find and implement the perfect tools, apps, and channels for sharing, and I will do it fast.


$100 per hour for one-hour increments up to 10 hours.
Brannen Cunningham Founder

"I’ve been meeting with Heather weekly for a year. As a result of our work together, my profits are up 15% percent (and growing). I’ve been able to hire additional staff, dial-in operations, refine my offers and enhance product messaging. Now my business runs more efficiently overall. I can delegate and even take a vacation. I highly recommend Heather as a business consultant."

10 hours of problem solving: creative, technical, messaging. You bring the problem, I will bring the solution.


Whether it’s a single obstacle or seasonal tune-up, no painpoint in your brand, content, message or delivery channel can withstand this cognitive assault. Go all day, or spread across a week.


C-suite, consultants, subject matter experts and content creators whose time is better spent doing what they do best as opposed to getting hung up on technical details, tool questions or messaging strategy. If you are a business owner wanting to reach a new market or a small to mid-size company seeking a brand alignment, this is for you.


I know the landscape, the tech space, messaging angle, and effective messaging strategies. Whether it’s a new tool to suggest, or a tweak to graphic assets, I will work closely with you and your team to get you to the finish line quicker.


10 hours – $900

Includes unlimited phone, email, SMS, or zoom for a 10 hour period while we work together to implement solutions. The 10 hours should be used within a two-week period.

Thao Mailloux Director of Information and Development

"Heather was highly recommended by others in our field and after we met with Heather, her poise, insight and expertise resonated with us. We selected Heather to re-design and re-imagine our annual publications, as well as our brand. Heather has been thoughtful, flexible, and knowledgeable in guiding us through the process of refreshing our brand. Every design element is carefully and delicately thought through (collaboratively!) and our various audiences have had nothing but wonderful feedback to share about our publication designs. 10/10, highly recommend! "
Harbor Regional Center

A retainer offering, we are in it for the long haul.


Selecting The Marathon package means a comprehensive campaign. We are committing to each other. You may opt out within the first month, but you won’t want to. The Marathon is a full service package with a lead generation and inbound strategy audit. Creative will enhance existing assets or create new campaigns. Perfectly executed videography will compliment relevant messaging. We will do a deep dive into omnichannel marketing.


Established businesses, high-performing teams with broader needs.


Lead nurturing takes time. As do inbound marketing strategies. It’s not a set-it-and-forget-it, but rather an analyze, edit, and adapt. The more I learn about your culture, mission and challenges, the better I can help you get the conversions to reach your goals. I will keep perfect pace with your team as we settle in for the long haul and succeed with strategy and perseverance. Together, we win.


3 months – $3,000
6 months – $6,000
Additional cost for video content.
Susan DeCoste Director of Operations

"Heather is super responsive. She has all of my artwork and can pull it up whenever we need to revisit a piece. I really appreciate the attention to detail and the writing. I trust her perspective on good design and ability to guide the process."
Minno Tablet

Steven Crossland

"Heather understands that the message is as important as the graphics and knows how to weave them together expertly. She helped us through the rebrand and was able to align even the most diverse perspectives."
EDEC Digital Defense

Barbara Hanneloré Founder

"I chose Heather for my book cover design and marketing plan. I love my book cover and get so many compliments on it. Heather shared her screen and I was impressed that she could work while I was watching."

Patricia Forgey CEO

"Heather is a professional, top-notch designer, up on the latest trends and using the very best tools. I trust her completely with my projects, no matter how small or complex. "
Path Forward Consulting